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Harpejjo solo 11 - Is this the book I've been waiting for?

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03 septembre 2023

Harpejjo solo 11 - Is this the book I've been waiting for?

Gaydon book

(This news is part of the Harpejji solo project)

Since I've got my harpejji, I've been improvising mostly in a language inspired by jazz music. Given my background, I actually also toyed with the idea of improvising in a more classical style. I've been hearing some really great classical improviser along the years, thanks mostly to the FMIL. But although I'm able to do it melodically on the flute, improvising polyphonic classical music on the harpejji has always seemed a very remote goal.

I've been trying to practice figured bass, using historical sources as Dandrieu's or modern ones as Morand's, but these methods are (logically) oriented toward accompaniment and provide little to no hints as how to use this knowledge to play solo pieces.

Lately I discovered Connor Gaydon's Partimento: A Beginner Method for Classical Improvisation which could very well provide the pieces I was missing.

Obviously it will need at least months of work before being able to improvise something half interesting, but this book seems to make classical improvisation on the harpejji a little bit less remote.

Now, if you will excuse me, I've got loads of things to practice! 😉