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Harpejji solo 1 - Where I come from

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05 mai 2023

Harpejji solo 1 - Where I come from

Fête de l'atelier 2022 #14

(This news is part of the Harpejji solo project)

Before starting to document my research about the Harpejji solo play, I should maybe give some information about my musical background.

I was trained as a classical flutist. Later I also studied jazz flute, and I played in many "crossover" projects mixing classical, jazz, rock and ethno music. Also having a scientific background, I began to develop augmented instruments, which you can hear e.g. in the Dragonfly project. I also began to play "low flutes" (bass and contrabass flutes) more and more. But all this doesn't change this basic fact: my primary musical background is definitely the flute.

Many people taking up the harpejji come from guitar and/or keyboard. I never played the guitar and although I did learn some piano, especially when studying jazz, my keyboard abilities are extremely limited.

Coming to the harpejji with a guitar or piano background certainly helps getting started. Part of the knowledge can be transferred, contributing to get satisfying results faster. But maybe not coming from those backgrounds can provide opportunities to develop techniques specific to the instrument, instead of trying to replicate what one could do on another instrument.

Anyway, that's not for me to judge. My job is to play as well as I can, from where I stand now. Whether I'm taking an easy path or the hard way doesn't change much - I just have to explore it.