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Harpejji solo 17 - Conclusion

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07 décembre 2023

Harpejji solo 17 - Conclusion

(This news is part of the Harpejji solo project)

I'm reaching the end of this Harpejji solo project. Of course, this does not mean (at all!) that I'm going to give up practicing and playing solo harpejji, but the part of my research that is supported by a grant of the Ville de Neuchâtel is getting to an end.

So what are the takeaways of these few months with a focus on playing the harpejji solo?

I discovered a number of sheet music that are nice to sightread on this instrument. I practiced some pieces, from both classical and jazz repertoire. I also acquired vocabulary for improvising on the harpejji.

But mostly, I think I clarified where I want to go from now. Basically, the idea will be: develop more and more vocabulary and grammar to be able to play in a jazzy style. Do the same with classical music from the common practice period. But these will be only tools. The next and most important step will be to mix all this in a more personal style (that might admittedly be difficult to classify), in the spirit of what I'm already doing with my flutes (see for instance the Dragonfly project or my passamezzo video).

This will definitely be a journey of several years, but I'm expecting to find the way in itself interesting enough that it doesn't seem long. I will probably encounter difficulties and experience some discouragement from time to time, but having a map that shows the general direction in which I should be moving will certainly help.

So... stay tuned, and hopefully I will be able to produce harpejji music that will become more and more interesting, and more and more personal in the upcoming years!