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Harpejji solo 6 - using the Bela as an FX box?

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26 juin 2023

Harpejji solo 6 - using the Bela as an FX box?

rpi and bela

(This news is part of the Harpejji solo project)

When I play the harpejji, I usually run the bass side through an equalizer to get a more balanced sound over the whole instrument. Then I've got some reverb and, from time to time, a couple of effects. I've been doing it through my usual gig rig, with a laptop and a rack with a big sound interface, a reverb unit, a mixer... It works very well, but it makes moving the whole thing quite tiresome.

I've got this bela board sleeping on a shelf... wouldn't it be cool if I could use it as a very portable DIY FX box?

However, after some exploration, it seems pyo doesn't work any more on the bela, and I don't want to develop a whole new processing chain with a new tool. I guess I'll have to find another way to do it...